Borrowed John’s laptop today. He’s done an excellent job of hiding these new… “interests” from me -SH

i-really-hate-to-text said: I notice your activities on the Internet have increased once more, brother. Unfortunately this means I must return to my online activities. You really should consider my schedule when this sort of thing happens. I mean, the final part of the French election is imminent. I am a busy man, Sherlock.

Oh I do apologise for the inconvenience Mycroft, I’m sure that the French patisseries will be most disheartened that your attention is divided so cruelly -SH

thegreatstruggle-deactivated201 said: It has been a while. You crossed my mind last night... I can't help but dwell in my curiosity. -IA

The weakness of infatuation at play. I must admit occassionally our brief association crosses my mind, but only with reference to my brother’s need for my help. That’s always most satisfying -SH

I do enjoy watching the Metropolitan police dance around the evidence in such a heavy footed and incompetent manner. Shame that the force shows no further promise than DI Lestrade -SH

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ordinarymollyhooper said: Hey Sherlock, how are you? *Blushes* -Molls //I was magic anoned to stalk Sherlock's with my love XD

I’m quite well Molly, you however look rather flushed. If you have contracted any sort of illness I ask that you stay well away from me, I can’t have my work interrupted by undesirable pathogens. I assume your reinvention of your name is an attempt at whimsy but I’m not sure it’s working for you and neither are the cats -SH

What is a consulting detective without anyone to consult him?


I’ve deduced everything I can about John’s current personal life that can possibly be extrapolated from the seemingly random dispersal of his possessions around the flat. Obviously he’s taken on a new aquaintance with romantic intent and is considering buying some form of pet, probably smaller than labrador but larger than a corgi.

I need new data, something to work on -SH

An update…

So I thought maybe I would bring this blog back to life. It’s been quiet for quite a while now, I guess it was mostly because I ran out of wit and various things happened so I just stopped maintaining it. But now I hope to be back :)

I’m in the midst of creating a proper (fem-ish!)Sherlock cosplay for MCM Expo in London so perhaps it’s time to get in character again. My girlfriend will be joining me as John Watson so there should be some pictures of us here at some point, especially as I’m starting the process of making my hair (currently dyed red, just longer than chin-length and completely straight) as Cumberbatch as possible pretty soon.

Sorry for this random post but I thought it’d be good to mark the moment and actually thank you to that anon I had, it reminded me that this was still here so thank you.

Happy Sherlocking!

Anonymous said: are you going to the beatles: the lost concert" movie when it comes out next month?

I try to avoid such base “pleasures” as the cinemas. I find it hard to understand why anyone would be interested in a concert concerning beetles (which, incidentally, you spelt incorrectly) so to avoid appearing utterly insane by attending such an event my answer is emphatically no -SH 

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JOHN I NEed yout too picc me uppp. Ex permints with alco hol pruved ineffebtive, not sure WHERE I AM RIGH NOw. come if convenience -SH

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett is on ITV3 right now neheheh. I think it’s the Speckled Band story but not 100% sure yet, this is what I call a great evening :3